Diagnose & Treatment

Nephrology is concerned with the diseases associated with kidneys. If the kidneys fail to maintain the balance of fluids, electrolytes and acids, serious health problems arise. Some of these health problems require immediate treatment.. Most of these diseases are chronic and need prolonged care and repeated visits to the hospital.

The Department of Nephrology at Anant Institute of Medical Sciences offers complete diagnostic and treatment services for adult and paediatric nephrological conditions. We have a team of renowned kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists, urologists and technical experts who meet the challenges of performing many life-saving procedures. We offer the most developed diagnostics, thorough preoperative assessment and dialysis support, the latest procedural facilities, and comprehensive postoperative care to minimize the risk of infection.

The Hospital provides convenient and rapid dialysis service at the bedside of all intensive care beds, for patients recovering in intensive care who do not need to travel for dialysis. Our Nephrology team consists of senior consultants with extensive experience in the management and treatment of kidney disorders, highly trained healthcare/dialysis technicians, customer focus.

OUR Specialists

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Dr. Neeraj Jain

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