Diagnose & Treatment

The Orthopaedics department at Anant Hospital is a centre of excellence for joint replacement surgeries such as hip and knee joint replacement. Patient from different walks of life visits us for their Joint replacement treatment.

The department is well furnished with the latest technology and is highly efficient in handling primary and complex knee and hip replacement surgeries AND THRs surgeries are conducted for patients with severe limb deformities. We provide complete recovery processes for the earliest and speedy recovery of the patient.

We also treat patients with sports injuries. The department is also a specialized canter for sports-related injuries. We receive a large number of sports injury cases.

We are experienced in handling shoulder, elbow, wrist, joints, knee, and ankle-related injuries like ACL, PCL, meniscal, cartilage, rotator cuff, bones or joints, and other injuries.

The purpose of our department does not end by operating a patient or just by conducting surgeries rather we believe in a long-term engagement to patients that involves restoration, physical therapy, and vocational therapy to the patient so that they restore strength and mobility of the joints.

OUR Specialists

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Dr. Nachiket Pansey

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