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Department of Pathology

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The Department of Pathology, at Anant Institute of Medical Sciences offers comprehensive state-of-the-art services in Histopathology, Cytology, Immuno-Histochemistry, Immunofluorescence, HLA typing, and Lymphocyte cross-matching for renal transplantation, Clinical pathology, and Haematology. The department diligently works for the care and safety of the patient by providing coherent and accurate information. The department has fully air-conditioned laboratories and well-experienced staff to maintain the efficiency and accuracy of the tests.

State-of-the-art services in Histopathology, Cytology, Immuno-histochemistry, immunofluorescence, lymphocyte cross-matching, and HLA typing for Renal transplantation, Clinical pathology, and Haematology.

Best infrastructure facility
Experienced and dedicated faculty
Well-equipped air-conditioned labs with fully automated machines
24 x 7 functioning clinical pathology laboratory
Facility for haemolytic workup and coagulation studies

Pathology Services

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Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

EM 200 is a compact, fully automated random access, discrete clinical chemistry analyzer to run special chemistry, electrolytes & immunoturbidimetry assays apart from routine chemistry tests. It has a throughput of 200 photometric tests per hour and 400 tests/hr.

Fully Automated, Immunoassay Analyzer

The cobas e 411 analyzer is a fully automated analyzer that uses a patented (ECL) technology for immunoassay analysis. It is designed for both quantitative and qualitative in vitro assay determinations for a broad range of applications. The analyzer is available as a rack or disk sample handling system.

A compact system for essential testing

The cobas c 111 analyzer is the smallest member of the cobas® serum work area platform family and the ideal solution for clinical chemistry testing in laboratories running 10 to 50 samples per day.

The cobas c 111 analyzer is a small solution for clinical chemistry and homogenous immunoassay tests.

Advanced Count - Extremely Reliable

The Celltac Es MEK-7300K is a 5-part differential hematology analyzer that allows the user to select from five different dilution modes: normal, pre-dilution, WBC high, WBC low and capillary. It displays instruction guidelines on how to use the device directly on screen with self-explaining menus to guide the user for stress-free operation.


OUR Specialists

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Dr. Richa Nema

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Dr. Ashok Methwani

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