Diagnose & Treatment

The Department of Urology at the Anant Institute of Medical Sciences offers a wide range of services for urological disorders. Urologists are experts in treating patients with the latest and modernized laparoscopic and laser technologies.
The department delivers multi-disciplinary and tender care to patients suffering from any kind of urologic disorders, including cancers, incontinence, impotence, laparoscopic urology, bladder issues, and deformities.

The Urologists at Anant Hospital is highly specialized in treating patients of all ages and gender with absolute and personalized care. The department represents the best example of human competence and technology working with cutting edge technologies by performing minimally invasive procedures to provide the best results in patient recovery.

The Department offers expert consultation, counselling, and education to the patients and their family members to make them understand the problem, especially in the case of transplants. The department is backed by the lab and diagnostic services such as radiology, pathology, and microbiology.

The hospital is equipped with modern amenities and the latest equipment to treat all urological maladies. This enables the team to provide extensive reconstructive urology and paediatric urology services.

OUR Specialists

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Dr. Amit Gour

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